National Broadband Network

Mobile Field System for NBN Design and Construction Efficiencies

Improve the quality of deliverables at all levels of your organisations with an innovative field system that not only gives you a competitive advantage but also high levels of confidence and a rapid progression from design to construction.

Based on RapidMap's successful field methodologies, now you can equip your teams with digital survey maps, comprehensive forms for collecting FIR data and validating GNAF addresses, and integrated photo and mark-up tool, helping save time, money and reach NBN rollout targets.

This system was recently endorsed in the NBN Project Implementation Report as providing visibility across all stages of construction and safety.

Throughout the survey, you can propose new builds, mark changes and record variations with costs known upfront. Users can see comprehensive Telstra network data map as well as NBN plans, and be aware of other subsurface utilities that may affect construction.

Suitable for any NBN field activity including FSAM site review and recording variations, FTTP, FTTN and HFC design and construction activities. Customised Reports can include FIR, BOM and BOQ as required.

For more information contact Lyn Terrett on (03) 9466 5299 to arrange a demonstration of the system. 


NBN Govern and Control Project
Digital forms for the whole product life cycle

Case Study


Equipping Field Surveyors with interactive spatial maps, digital survey forms and photo mark-up tools on GPS Tablet PCs ensured highly accurate and authenticated data was captured for all pits, ducts, FDH locations and network augments.