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Mobile Field Mapping for Vegetation Management

Iconyx provides an easy to use, robust weed management system for land managers and contractors to support in field mapping of infestations, enable instant access to all the crucial data, including Inspection, Infestation, and Control Works information. 

Weed Mapping is collected via mobile computers with built in GPS and using a map interface to verify location as well as any number of attributes.  On synchronization from the field computers, all members of the organization has visibility of the locations and activities conducted.

The management system is available via the Internet to give land managers the power to monitor current incursions and manage resources more effectively.

We help land managers to coordinate the inspection schedules, print notices to land owners and conduct weed management activities with a full audit trail, giving a consistent and robust approach for reporting. 

Export your data in GIS format or in Excel to provide justifications for budgets or use this capability to apply for grants and funding to support weed management in your local area.

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Case Study


The 1993 Noxious Weeds Act in NSW is representative of one of the most complex weed management workflows in Australia.  Read about the successful collaboration and reporting across large regions by weeds officers using the sophistication of WeedMap Pro.