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The complete solution to managing your mobile enterprise

Whether you are conducting a field survey, evaluating a remote project, monitoring a public health issue, or performing an onsite inspection, real-time mobile data collection is faster and more efficient than traditional methods of information management.

Implementing a comprehensive mobile digital forms solution has never been easier. With Command Mobile, you can access powerful mobile capabilities that will enable you to increase efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Leveraging the convergence of mobile computing, geo-location mapping, cloud computing, big-data analytics, and real-time information technologies, Command Mobile provides organizations with fast, easy, secure, efficient, and cost-effective ways to manage business and humanitarian operations.

Command Mobile is a mobile device management and inventory tracking system that allows user authentication, applications management, and device inventory to be managed for a single web based administrative interface.  This cutting edge system enables companies to easily build and maintain their own forms, surveys, or inspections.

Command Mobile gives you the ability to very quickly create custom interfaces directly from within the online form creation tool, or to utilize forms that have already been pre developed.

Command Mobile is available on the latest mobile platforms, including Apple and Android devices.

Iconyx and Command Mobile give you the ability to conquer logistical challenges, and keep your operations moving as fast as your field staff.

White Paper


Have you ever tediously entered data on to a paper form just to re-enter it into a database application once you returned to the office?

Have you found discrepancies between your data collected in the field and the information in your database due to data re-entry errors?

These are all examples of the limitations of paper-based or static data collection methods; that is, the limitations of collecting data in the field when access to supporting systems is limited or not available.