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Field Mobility for Asset Management

Do you need a solution to connect your field staff with the office, and remove mountains of paper forms that need to be entered into management systems?

Crest is a world leading solution for interactive asset mapping, data capture & condition survey. Whether you are monitoring Road Condition & Defects, Street Trees, Signs & Line Markings, Playgrounds, Building Inspections, or Reserves & Open Spaces, Crest can help you to seamlessly connect your office and field operations. Use digital data entry forms in the field and get accurate up-to-date asset information at your fingertips

Generate Reports in Seconds - Reports which currently take several hours to produce may take seconds with a Crest updated database!

Data Quality you can afford- Crest delivers cost effective results and enables your organisation to achieve higher levels of operational efficiency by preventing the duplication of work, data loss, and data errors. 
Crest has been embraced by several Local Councils, State Government, and Maintenance companies for bringing their mobile computing visions to life.

Spend more time in the field - There is no need to drive all the way back to the office to upload data to the management system. With internet access (3G, HSDPA or Wi-Fi) each user can synchronise their day’s inspections, data updates and works to a secure Crest database location anytime, anywhere.

Easy To Use - Use digital forms to record your activities with GPS, digital map layers, digital photos in the field with a history of activity on hand. With Crest, you can synchronise to upload to your corporate system & receive updates instantly. Crest is the easy to use solution you have been looking for...


Case Study


Accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Last year the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) answered 1.2 million triple zero calls from Victorians needing help.

In a world first the ESTA Emergency Marker System has been established so that victims of heart attacks, falls, snake bites and many unpredictable accidents can correctly identify where they are.