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Mobile Workforce Management and Forms

Summit with Summit Forms and Crest SX for field teams is used by Government authorities for environmental, asset, fire prevention, disaster management and any number of complex land management activities to coordinate office and field officers, increase service delivery, improve data quality, reduce risks and save money.

Iconyx mobile systems enable you to efficiently fill out a large number of forms while out managing and monitoring open spaces and effortlessly push that information back to a central tracking system.

Summit forms and Crest SX GIS map interface will greatly reduce the paperwork burden currently faced by your people when trying to keep track of which areas have been treated and when, and it will keep everyone constantly up to date with what has been mapped and what activities are happening in the field.

The hosted Summit information management solution can be set up in a short timeframe without in‐house IT infrastructure or IT support impact so that your team can be operational rapidly. All support and maintenance of the Summit hosted management system is handled centrally by Iconyx, securing an efficient, stable and secure solution.

The flexible and user friendly Summit solution can be customized by you to suit your own unique data requirements and business processes. Summit supports both standard digital forms and a mobile map interface with inbuilt quality assurance on data entry to significantly increase productivity through organization wide collaboration.


Case Study


With a huge numbers of assets to manage, and information buried in paper records, it is extremely difficult to keep track of them all and manage, in detail, the services that keep the council running – power, water, cleaning, mowing, painting, repairs… the list goes on.