SWARM – Smart Workforce Applied Real-time Management

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Turn pen and paper into digital forms and connect the field user to the enterprise

SWARM is a homogenous system that converges the technologies of cloud computing, wireless data and mobile maps with intelligent forms. It is a platform that can be customised for endless tasks where field data is collected, used and synchronised to a host for advanced analysis, management and reporting.

In essence it super charges processes in many different industries by turning pen and paper into digital forms the user is familiar with, connecting the field user to the enterprise, providing location and maps and sharing information for informed decisions at the location or event.

Unlike other systems, the SWARM solution allows for multiple concurrent users working in the same region, on the same assets without contaminating or overwriting data.

Powerful security (levels of access), quality control on data entry and timely reporting allows for effective management of field activities, staff and resources in near real-time.