Emergency Markers at Shopping Centres

Emergency Markers Rapidmap

There are several spaces where ESTA Emergency Markers can be installed to assist emergency services and our community, such as:

  • Sporting Arenas
  • Shopping Centers
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Schools and University Campus
  • Public Parks
  • Convention and Exhibition Centers and similar locations


Sometimes it is very hard for our first responders to locate the incident location due to the absence of named roads, any known obstructions and so on. Having a marker there always save time and save lives.


Placing Emergency Markers at all access points of a site is highly recommended.

It will assist 000 call takers to know:

  • WHERE the emergency is.
  • WHERE the closest access point is.
  • WHAT Emergency Services are required.
  • WHAT specific equipments are required while attending the incident.


Should you have any questions related to existing or new Emergency Markers please do not hesitate to contact us at emergencymarkers@rapidmap.com or 03 9466 5200.