Emergency Markers Makes A Difference

Emergency Markers Rapidmap

In the year 2018-19, ESTA answered 2,605,574 Emergency calls, which is 7100 a day.

627 were linked to Emergency Markers.

Of the hundreds of thousands of visitations by Domestic, National and International visitors per year, many of these people will not be familiar with local surroundings and if required to answer:

“Where is your emergency?”

they would struggle in providing details to 000 call takers.


Location information challenges are particularly difficult for ‘Open Space’ locations with no set addresses such as:

  • Beaches
  • Parkways & trails
  • Walking and cycling tracks

Where defining the exact location is difficult.

When an incident occurs at a specific street address, it is generally easy for emergency services to locate the caller.

However, in Victoria’s 14% declared Open Spaces (Crown Land) where no obvious reference points exist, it takes extra, valuable time for 000 call takers to identify and verify the specific location and vehicle access point. This is where the public needs your help.
Having ESTA Emergency Markers installed in your Environment assists 000 Call takers to accurately and quickly locate and verify the location of the caller which:
  • Reduces response times to emergency events.
  • Allows immediate and faster event location and verification.
  • Reduces adverse effects of emergencies.
  • Reduces time per call for 000 call takers and dispatch operators.
  • Creates a safer response environment for Emergency personnel enabling them to better assess situations and take the most appropriate action
Emergency Markers are more than just signs.
ESTA Emergency Markers definitely SAVE TIME, SAVE LIVES.
They are supported with GPS co-ordinates linked to an internal database, which advises all Emergency Services directional detailed information for things such as:
  • Obstructions– locked gates, road closures.
  • Parking – quickest access points.
  • Access– whether stairs, need helicopter assistance, can take a gurney.
  • Providers needed – whether ambulance needs to co-ordinate with Police or SES.


Should you have any questions related to existing or new Emergency Markers please do not hesitate to contact us at emergencymarkers@rapidmap.com or 03 9466 5200.