Importance of New Trail Emergency Markers

Emergency Markers Rapidmap
With Victoria expecting an excess of 80.6 million tourists annually, Environment Owners should also consider the importance of Emergency Markers while catering to local, domestic and international visitors on their Open Spaces.
Unnamed tracks and roads make it difficult for visitors to report accurate locations during an event of Emergency to 000 call takers.
Just because a track is unnamed, unpublished, unsealed or unmapped does NOT mean people won’t use it or get injured.
Statistics have shown a massive increase of visitors using outdoor trails so it has become very important to assist first responders to attend the site where the incident occurred, by providing precise, clear and any unambiguous information to save time and save lives.
It is important to update and install new Emergency Markers at:
  • Motorbike trails
  • Mountain Bike trails
  • Cycling Trails
  • Rail trails
  • Walking tracks
  • Ski trails
  • Shared Pathways
  • Nature and adventure Hiking trails


Below are some statistics of popular and busiest open spaces.


Grampians Peaks Trail – Hiking & Camping
  • Visitors: excess 1 million bringing 65,000 bicycles with them
  • Activities: mainly hiking, cycling, camping.
  • Size: 413,000 acres.
  • Rescue issues: Walking tracks involve rock steps, uneven and slippery track surfaces, water crossings, rock hopping and steep cliffs throughout the Grampians makes a complex terrain type and challenges to locate incident spots, have taken excess time to respond.

Bright Mystic Alpine Park- paragliding and mountain biking

  • Visitors: 2.1m overnight visitors in 2019 to High Country area
  • Activities: Bike trail
  • Size: 252km
  • Rescue issues: thick forest (difficult to get reception)

Great South West Walk – 14-day hike

  • Visitors: More than 200k visitors a year from all across the globe.
  • Activities: Bushwalking, camping
  • Size: 252km
  • Rescue issues: international travelers (language Barrier)

Harcourt’s Mountain Bike Trail

  • Visitors: in excess of 31k p.a.
  • Activities: mountain bikes.
  • Size: 34km of cross-country mountain bike trails.
  • Rescue Issues: mule (stretcher) access only.


Should you have any questions related to existing or new Emergency Markers please do not hesitate to contact us at or 03 9466 5200.