Auditing Emergency Markers for Accuracy

Emergency Markers Rapidmap


ESTA Emergency Markers must meet some very stringent conditions when the directional information is mapped. GPS Coordinates and positional accuracy are not the only aspect of mapping and recording the location of markers.   The way each marker is described in language is essential to save time and save lives.

When installing Emergency Markers, it is essential that the right Code is located at the designated location. Incorrect placement of Emergency Markers that have been registered into the 000 Computer Aided Dispatch system is a risk that no one should take.

History points to a time when a signage contractor did not pay attention to where the signs were planned to be installed.  When the Emergency Services team turned up to a remote GPS location attached to the ESTA Emergency Marker that was called into Triple Zero (000), the patient was at a different location!

It turns out that two Emergency Markers had been accidentally switched and this of course cost valuable time trying to locate where the emergency actually was.  Fortunately, this fundamental error by the land owners signage contractor did not cost a life. 

However, there are lessons to be learned.

Each Emergency Marker not only contains their individual 3 ALPHA-NUMERIC code it also contains GPS co-ordinates, and is matched to very specific descripting data which is then uploaded into a CAD system to manage Emergency Services dispatches.

One wrong direction can cost a life!

It is vital to have the correct site-based observations with EM data to also know:

  • Which vehicles to take to the location (2WD, 4WD, motorcycle, foot access only)
  • The fastest way to get to the caller or patient – whether coming from a higher vantage point, lower, helicopter, foot access only
  • What equipment should be taken to that location – may be steep and only steps so stretcher and no vehicle access.

So plan for regular audits of your ESTA Emergency Marker locations annually so you are sure your Markers are
1.     In good condition
2.     Legible
3.     Visible
4.     In the correct location
5.     And still exist

Do you have Emergency Markers that have been installed for more than 2 years and should be audited for condition and suitability to the area they are located?

Please contact us at to discuss how to undertake a rapid audit of your existing and capture of newly proposed ESTA emergency markers, to save time and save lives.