Importance of Visible Markers

Emergency Markers Rapidmap

1.    WHERE to place Emergency Markers for prominence
2.    WHAT size of signage to install
3.    HOW important they are
WHY it is imperative in Open Spaces to have them in proximity to potentially high-risk areas

This is the secret to achieving successful results to minimise accidents and injury.  Are you responsible to plan how to mitigate risks for your community and keeping them safe?

Installing ESTA Emergency Markers (EM) are pointless if they are not easily VISIBLE MARKERS!

Just because they are in proximity, does not mean they will be effective.

So let us look at the placement considerations with the location of your Emergency Markers.

Dual walking traffic – For dual traffic tracks it’s important to consider having the EM on both sides of the tracks signs

Visibility – Having an EM located behind a tree, pole or building or high up a wall and not within an eyeline height should be avoided.

Size – in this case size does matter. In areas used by many like Playgrounds, BBQ areas, boating and waterways it is important the Codes are clearly legible so people can see it from a distance in an emergency.

Location – Entrances of buildings to assist emergency workers – Large Shopping Centres, Universities and large industrial complexes benefit by having an ESTA Emergency Marker at all the various entrances so that emergency responders are directed to the closest access point.

Also, mountain bike, rail trails and walking trails need to have signs within a reasonable distance from each other.

The more difficult the terrain the more frequent the signs


Do you have large facilities or long remote routes which would benefit from installing Emergency Markers to protect your customers, workforce, students or visitors?

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