The Value of Emergency Markers

Emergency Markers Rapidmap

Emergency Markers are a MUST in Open Spaces, and with over 3000 Emergency Markers mainly located in Victorian Open Spaces, it has dramatically assisted ESTA Triple 000 with their 100’s of calls received daily.

There are tremendous tangible and intangible Values when installing Emergency Markers in Open Spaces, Recreational Areas and Shopping Centres.

When Emergency Markers are installed in Parks, Reserves or Public Areas it assists the:


·     Enable people to accurately explain where they are located
·     Protect the community with information
·     To increase community safety awareness
Have confidence in the safe use of that area

Emergency Services

·     Shorten the call time to locate the caller’s location at Triple 000
·     Allows ESTA to dispatch services faster and more efficiently
·     Allows Triple 000 call-takers to give accurate information to Emergency Services responders
·     Provides information about the location parameters to determine HOW to access the location and WHAT needs to be taken to access the patient
·     Saves Time, Saves Lives
Land Owners
·     Provides a well-recorded system that allows ESTA to verify the location of a Triple 000 caller
·     Proof of Duty of Care for those using Open Spaces
·     Reference points for landowner asset managers for park and trail maintenance including contractors
·     Define large & complex areas like shopping centres with multiple entrances and no clear roadside/roadway to advise emergency services how best to attend the site
Emergency responders are always grateful for accurate information to identify the fastest access to a risk situation.  

Educating your local community is also one of the best risk mitigation activities you can currently undertake during the pre Holiday season too.

Do you have an existing or new park, reserve or off-road bike trail in your area and need an assessment for Emergency Markers to protect your community?

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