Why ESTA Recommends RapidMap

Emergency Markers Rapidmap

ESTA in conjunction with RapidMap can assist with all information in regards to Emergency Markers.

ESTA has partnered with RapidMap for many years and currently transitioned the collection and processing of Emergency Marker data to RapidMap who then supplies the processed data to ESTA to load into their CAD production system.

RapidMap established in 1994, provide spatial solutions including

▪ Field data collection services

▪ GIS and desktop mapping

▪ GPS surveys

▪ Software

▪ Hardware

to Local and State and Federal Governments, Utilities and private industry.

✅ Data Capture

RapidMap specialises in GIS data capture, condition and defect inspections of assets including drainage, reserve, facility, sporting, street, signage, lighting, path and traffic infrastructure. Assets and defects are generally mapped to sub-metre accuracy. We populate and update data for corporate GIS and asset management systems.

✅ GIS and Desktop Mapping

We provide GIS and desktop mapping for asset management, pavement management, environmental, market research, sales analysis, farming, demographics & fire management. Data creation and manipulation techniques include digitising from aerial photography, spatial analysis, data cleansing, data analysis and thematic mapping.

✅ GPS Surveys

We provide GPS surveys for clients Australia-wide. We have extensive experience and use the latest technology and methodologies to provide fast, efficient and accurate results. We have completed numerous GPS surveys throughout Australia for a wide variety of clients and industries.

✅ Consultancy

We assist clients with project strategy and planning. Our attention to detail and practical approach helps achieve successful outcomes for their spatial data projects. Using our expertise and experience, we can help to provide solutions to your spatial data challenges.

✅ Hardware

4D Global division provides Hardware including mobile computing sales and GPS.

✅ Software

Iconyx provides inspection software, management software, database services, training and support.

RapidMap is Australia’s most trusted Spatial Data collection organisation, having delivered 800+ projects Australia-wide and counting.

Lyn Terrett, Spatial Technologies Director at RapidMap is available to contact and discuss your specific needs and provide you with a quotation for the work that needs to be undertaken.