Emergency Marker Webinar April 2021

Join our 5 speakers of all updates on Emergency Markers with ESTA, Ambulance Victoria & Rapid Map.

Jeff Adair from ESTA Triple 000 takes us through the

  • Importance of Emergency Markers
  • Events that happened in Victoria between 01 Jan 2020 – 07 April 2021
  • Identifies the peaks and troughs of call-out times
  • The event count by agencies – Updates to the CAD system

Karl Morrison from Ambulance Victoria covers

  • New Standard Signage Sizes
  • Discusses the sizes, materials, structures affixed to, locations and design changes
  • Covers bad signs
  • Good signs practices

Lyn Terrett RapidMap Director covers

  • The Grant Application process for funding
  • Discovers various Organisations accessible to assist with funding
  • What content you need to include in your application
  • How community engagement can benefit
  • The Evaluation Criteria to consider

Ankit Khanna the ESTA Emergency Marker Project Manager takes you through the importance of regular Audits explaining

  • The steps in your Checklist necessary for completion
  • Where to download the Emergency Marker specifications Guidelines
  • How to identify where and when you need new markers
  • Shows an audit report example and our findings
  • Covers vital information that cannot be missed

Mel Macdonald from the Marketing Department shows you what is available through Rapid Map and how to access all the information you need whether that be via

  • Websites & Social Media platforms
  • Videos for internal education or Community and Public awareness programs
  • PDF downloadable via One Drive collateral on Design, Manufacturing and Signage Guidelines or Emergency Marker Fact Sheets



00:00​ Introduction & Housekeeping

00:54​ Webinar Agenda

01:46​ Emergency Markers Intro by Jeff

02:31​ Emergency Markers Event Stats

08:06​ EM signage specifications by Karl

13:44​ Not all markers are Good signs

19:46 Good signage practice’s

23:32 Tips and Tricks to apply for Grant by Lyn

34:24 EM educational and awareness by Mel

36:05 EM Newsletters

37:56 Videos & Social Media

39:30 Collateral

43:32 Importance of Audits by Ankit

45:47 Sign Audit checklist

54:12 Sign Audit Report

57:31 Feedback

1:00:20 Questions


Presentation Slides which include all links HERE.

Emergency Marker Brochure Downloads Available HERE.

We are always open to feedback and would love to hear from you after you have watched this Webinar Series.


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