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Emergency Markers Rapidmap

All too often RapidMap or ESTA is called AFTER many emergency events and injuries occur at locations; when Environment Owners realise response TIME could have been saved with the simple installation of Emergency Markers.

With years of planning this fabulous $13 million modern tech-savvy Wyndham Park, Wyndham City Council opened the park to the public and quickly experienced:

  • Theft
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • BBQ area burns
  • Playground injuries

With more than 100 people per hour using the park, patrons found it difficult to explain to Triple 000 call takers WHERE they were located in the park area and Emergency Services continued to struggle to ascertain the correct entrance to access incident spot quickly (which delays in response time, sometimes more than 8-9 minutes).

After expressing location issues in their vast area they realised the oversight and how imperative it was for them to invest in NEW Emergency Markers.

Alan from Wyndham City Council talks about his WHY and how he believes Emergency Markers are a must in your PARKS, GARDENS, PLAYGROUNDS, RECREATIONAL & COMMUNITY AREAS.

So next time you are investing in new infrastructure or community locations make sure you are putting in your budget new Emergency Markers to keep your community Safe to Save Time and Save Lives.


Should you have any questions related to existing or new Emergency Markers please do not hesitate to contact us at emergencymarkers@rapidmap.com or 03 9466 5200.