Emergency Marker Webinar August 2021

Emergency Markers are paramount when it comes to public safety. In case of an event, do you know where to locate Emergency Markers at Shopping Centres and how the Triple Zero (000) process works?

Discover more by watching our on-demand webinar on the Importance of Emergency Markers at Shopping Centers here.



00:00​ Introduction & Housekeeping

01:38 Webinar Agenda

02:40 000 Call Process

04:47 Location Verification

09:28 Emergency Markers Intro

14:53 Emergency Response Procedure

16:48 Common Events at Shopping Centres

17:49 Emergency Markers Events Stats in Shopping Centres

21:00 Why there is a need for Emergency Markers?

25:02 How the CAD System works in Victoria

25:52 Emergency Markers Directional Message explained

31:31 Where to install Emergency Markers

34:57 Emergency Marker Sign Layouts

37:38 Emergency Marker Map

38:42 Questions

42:28 Wrap up


Presentation Slides which include all links HERE.

Emergency Marker Brochure Downloads Available HERE

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