Safety is Vital during Covid for Councils

Safety is vital during Covid for Councils - Emergency Markers - RapidMap

Even with lockdowns in Victoria surpassing any other State or country, Emergency Services have been inundated with calls to Triple Zero (000)!

Often Councils and Open Space Environment Owners have overlooked the importance of Emergency Markers to keep local patrons and visitors to their parks, gardens, playgrounds, BBQ areas, waterholes, creeks, rivers, recreational and community areas safe.

With fear on the rise, your duty of care as a Land Owner is to make those using your environment always feel SAFE in an emergency.

The simple installation of Emergency Markers in your location assists patrons to better explain exactly WHERE they are located in a large park when calling Triple Zero (000).

Wyndham Council after launching their $13 million tech-savvy park realised this BUDGET OVERSITE.

After expressed location issues in their vast area when numerous calls to Triple Zero (000) by patrons proved Emergency Services continued to struggle to ascertain the correct entrance to access the incident spot quickly causing delays of 8-9 minutes (which could be a matter of life or death) they realised how imperative it was for them to invest in NEW Emergency Markers.

So next time you are sitting down to do your BUDGET, investing in new infrastructure or community locations make sure you are putting new Emergency Markers as a high priority to keep your community safe and to help emergency services in SAVING TIME, SAVING LIVES.

Should you have any questions related to existing or new Emergency Markers please do not hesitate to contact us at or 03 9466 5200.