Emergency Markers at Shopping Centers

Emergency Markers RapidMap
It is important to educate on:
✅ What is an Emergency Marker?
What does it look like?
What is it used for?
Why they are important? Who Uses them?
 How do they save lives?

Have you really ever sat and thought about HOW (with all the entrance points to your local Shopping Center available) the Emergency Services are supposed to navigate which entrance is the fastest to locate the patient when the call is made by a CUSTOMER in distress, not by Security, a shop owner or Center Management?

Many shopping centers are investing in Emergency Markers at each entrance making sure they are doing their duty of care and keeping people safe to SAVE TIME, SAVE LIVES.


Should you have any questions related to existing or new Emergency Markers please do not hesitate to contact us at emergencymarkers@rapidmap.com or 03 9466 5200.