The Importance of Emergency Markers in Forests

Importance of Emergency Markers in Forests - RapidMap

If you are a Forestry landowner, whether it is an agribusiness or Plantation, it is important for the safety of your personnel, community and those using it for recreational access to have Emergency Markers.

As a lot of plantations serve multiple purposes, HVP Plantations understand the benefits of Emergency Markers having installed them across their 345 sites in Victoria. They experienced 49 fires on their land and assisted 45 on neighbouring land last financial year alone.

As a landowner of these large Open Spaces, RISK MANAGEMENT is a high priority and understanding the scope of all the people who will use your land and your duty of care to them all is vital. This includes:

  • Customers and Contractors
  • Indigenous parties
  • CFA – Country Fire Authority
  • Neighbours on access roads to plantations and those living downstream
  • Community and environment groups
  • Public access to HVP plantations for recreational use like mountain biking

Emergency Markers have been used in many INCIDENTS to assist in:
🔹 CLIMATE damaged infrastructure during storms including roads, tracks & drainage
🔹 FIRE increased danger due to drier warmer conditions and high winds
🔹 LAND adjoining public and private influenced by threats arising such as fire
🔹  SAFETY field audits, harvesting & logging
🔹 HEALTH heat stress
🔹  SOIL erosion
🔹  CHEMICAL use & fertiliser (poisoning)
🔹  VERMIN, plantation pests and diseases (snake bites)
🔹  VEGETATION WEED CONTROL Pest and disease management
🔹  ANIMALS endangered species (koala)

With public access to many of these areas across the State understand that Emergency Markers BENEFIT to assist with:

  • Reducing fire risk
  • Arson
  • Vandalism
  • Rubbish dumping
  • Illegal shooting
  • Recreational purposes walking, running, riding bikes

So remember that Emergency Markers along your UNNAMED Tracks, Trails and Roadways will benefit you in regards to Risk Management and rapid response. Emergency Markers help in SAVING TIME, SAVING LIVES.


Should you have any questions related to Emergency Markers please do not hesitate to contact us at or 03 9466 5200.