Emergency Markers

Help Save Lives

Ensure emergency services arrive at the required location as quickly as possible. Improve visitor safety.

Pinpoint the Exact Location

The alphanumeric markers can be quoted by Triple Zero (000) callers to determine exactly where they are.

Share Local Knowledge

Directional instructions include any obstructions such as locked gates, road closure and the quickest access poiints.

Assist Dispatch Operators

Provide complete access to location, GPS coordinates, road access route and navigational data, quickly and efficiently.

Emergency Marker Stakeholders

Victoria has more than 250 localities served by the marker program with efforts during the year focused on a number of shared trails and pathways.


Marker Signs

Emergency markers look like a street sign with white text on a green background. Each has a unique alphanumeric code made up of three letters and three numbers.

This code is linked to ESTA’s CAD system and specifies the location, GPS coordinates, road access route or navigational data, all of which assists the dispatch of emergency services.

Rapidmap ESTA Emergency Markers


Why Emergency Markers?

The challenge of open spaces; If you are hurt outside of urban areas, not being able to give a street address to emergency services can mean delays in getting help to you.

Emergency Markers allow for effective and efficient emergency response by providing 000 call takers with an exact location of the caller.

Objective and Scope

The objective of the Emergency Marker program is to capture the data following strict guidelines in spatial format with high accuracy.

Saving Time and Saving Lives Initiative

When an emergency occurs in a place such as public open spaces with no recognisable features or reference points; the presence of Emergency Marker leads to 000 call operators attempt to gather necessary information and for the responding emergency service to locate the emergency.

Concise Directional Messages

Emergency marker dataset is captured to reflect very clear, unambiguous instructions on how to attend remote locations using unnamed roads, tracks, and trails without addresses via the Rapidmap Software.



Since 1994 the RapidMap team has been dedicated to solving client issues in Emergency, Environmental, Asset Management, Health, and Security sectors with the application of spatial technologies and intelligence gathering.

RapidMap has specialized in provided services and solutions to the Emergency Response industry for over 24 years servicing Government Agencies to collect, analyze, and present information. We have a mature understanding of the issues and complexities that sometimes prevent the emergency services organisations throughout the world from responding in a cohesive, efficient, cost-effective, and timely manner.

This experience has shaped the development of RapidMap’s software products and hardware products to simplify the process of collecting quality assured spatial data and associated observations in order to produce reliable reports and enable good decisions for our clientele.

The challenges seen in some of the historic Emergency Response events like Canberra fires and in the Nillumbik Black Saturday recovery effort, in which RapidMap participated, are the same challenge faced by ESTA in the collection of accurate data in preparation for 000 emergency calls in the parks and open spaces of Victoria.

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