RapidMap Software

RapidMap Software standardises data collection, monitoring, evaluating, reporting and record keeping, to collate and share quality assured data. The ability to use pre-existing map intelligence from GIS map layers (offline and online) and extract value from it in the field to create new, current data sets for business intelligence is extremely powerful. The ‘off the shelf’ map-centric solution is robust, proven across numerous industries and has ensured continued project success for hundreds of clients over the years.

Effortlessly manage data, schedule activities, generate reports and serve data though integration platforms, webservices or APIs. At the same time, ensuring efficiency though consistent process and data standards. All while collating information to underpin strategic decision making and BI interfaces. Designed to be configured to suit evolving needs of clients – without coding expertise. The cloud-based web application can be used both online and offline and across iOS, Android, PC or Windows devices. Data can be exported in various formats, including excel and mapping formats, allowing for easy integration to third party systems.

Data is centrally stored in a cloud-based enterprise-grade SQL Server database to eliminate the need for expenditure on in-house IT infrastructure, maintenance or support.

Multiple concurrent field users can rapidly view GIS map layers to collect data, record activities or update spatial datasets to improve positional accuracy of point, line or polygon objects with photo and media. Every touch in the field or office will add new valuable insights to your business and operational data. User permissions are used to control access to data and configuration of settings in the system.

What’s more, the powerful photo capture and management capability is an invaluable addition to quality control processes. New images are geotagged and uniquely named, embedded into the relevant form and associated with that specific work instance. Furthermore, built-in editing tools enables field staff mark up the image and identify features of interest. This can include marking up dimensions, recommendations and restrictions either on site photos or sketch ups. Optimised for devices with built in cameras, the application uses the onboard GPS or Location Services to record the location, date and time of the image for future reference.

Users, both in the office and the field, can access data on all previous work to check images and detailed notes for any activity that has taken place at a specified location.

Iconyx clients frequently manage and report on assets, works, walking track audits, flora and fauna surveys, street sweeping, tree inspections, water quality, weed management and treatment use, biosecurity, pests and pest management, natural values assets, environmental issues, fire prevention activities, inspections and recording other site-specific activities. The client’s teams are remote and largely disconnected. Users can be on the ground, in the air or used on a range of vehicles.