Summit Infrastructure


FIR and AVR Reporting

Extract and distribute FIR and AVR reports in minutes. Monitor project progress and speed up operations.

NBN CAD Standards

Comply with all NBN CAD standards. Ensure your staff and contractors adhere to all required specifications.

Suitable For Any Field Activity

Conduct FSAM site review and recording variations, FTTP, FTTN and HFC design and construction activities.

Integrate Telstra Data

Summit Infrastructure provides integration with Telstra network data maps, NBN plans and subsurface utilities.

The National Broadband Network (NBN) project is changing the way the world operates. Subsequently, telecommunications companies across the country are changing as a result.

Iconyx driving innovative throughout the industry. At the same time developing collaborative technologies. In order to ensure accuracy from the field, eliminate human error, prevent design delays and generate reports to specification to integrate with a range of corporate systems.

Coupled with RapidMap Services’ successful field methodologies. Our NBN solution will improve the quality of deliverables at all levels of your organisation. An innovative field system that not only gives you a competitive advantage, but also high levels of confidence. As well as a rapid progression from design to construction.

As a result, you can now you can equip your teams with digital survey maps, comprehensive forms for collecting FIR data and validating GNAF addresses. In addition to an integrated photo and mark-up tool. Undeniably, helping you to save time, money and reach NBN rollout targets.

Throughout the survey, you can propose new builds, mark changes and record variations with costs known upfront. Users can see comprehensive network data map as well as NBN plans. Most important, your field staff will become aware of other subsurface utilities that may affect construction.

Suitable for any NBN field activity. For example, FSAM site review and recording variations, FTTP, FTTN and HFC design and construction activities. What’s more, customised reports can include FIR, BOM and BOQ as required.

The Iconyx approach has transformed our clients survey workforce. At the same time streamlining the optic fibre design processes. Get in contact today to find out how we can help you do the same.

Iconyx allowed us to efficiently deliver our requirements to high standards.

Iconyx has worked closely with us to innovate our systems … enabling us to continually excel in all fields and data management delivery activities.

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  • Western Australian Spatial Excellence Awards – Spatial Enablement Award