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Share data in seconds. Manage geographically dispersed teams with ease. Gain real-time project insights.

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Save time scheduling inspection and follow up tasks for your team, with email notifications and shareable activity data.


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Powerful reporting tools allow you to address client requirements from the field. Ensuring you get paid faster.


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We utilise enterprise-grade applications and servers to keep your data secure and accessible online.

Historically, many vegetation management companies use paper-based systems to manage the clearance of vegetation for their clients. However, risk mitigation processes for emergency management, in particular bushfire response, has increasingly seen the need for digital transformation across the industry.

Iconyx’s Summit Vegetation is a scalable spatially-based solution that shares business critical information in seconds. Staff can update data from the field. Ensuring an excellent track record for safety, high productivity and near real-time collaboration between field and office teams.

A complete mobile mapping and data capture system, that can be can be deployed on tablet devices with GPS. Summit allows users to enter data directly onto dynamic, moving maps and subsequently search and report on the data collected. Field staff can view their position relative to the asset in real-time. Linking the audit data directly to the GIS asset.

Previously known or mapped assets are easily confirmed by location and relevant attributes (such as conditions, recommendations for maintenance, etc) are captured. In addition, assets found in the field are quickly mapped show the true location with all required data recorded to be added to a comprehensive asset inventory for review.

Summit Vegetation is different to typical GIS mapping solutions as it supports workflow, automated system notifications, Quality Assurance on data entry and enables collaborative work team. For example, if high-risk or maintenance issues are identified and recorded. Summit can be configured to automatically schedule actions as part of the workflow. Additionally, every record captured has an audit trail containing date, time, inspector and location.

Summit ensures you deliver vegetation inspections faster. Accurate and efficient reporting tools address client requirements from the field. Ensuring you get paid faster.

Talk to us today, to learn how Summit can provide a significant competitive advantage and ultimately increase your profitability.

The system ensures that no job gets missed. Supervisors can see what has been scoped, pruned, chipped, inspected and completed. Non-conformances are identified in post-pruning audits which are instantly allocated to the offending crew for rectification. The immediate feedback allows our crews to complete non-conformances work quickly this improving our service delivery to our clients.

Wayne Larman

Australian Urban Tree Services (AUTS)



  • NSW Consulting Surveyors EISSI Awards – Spatial Enablement Award