Iconyx User Groups

As Iconyx’s network of customers and partners continue to expand, we’re excited to create opportunities for our users to connect in ways that make a difference. Hosting our User Groups in one such way. Not only do they encourage collaboration and idea generation for users, but they also play a significant role on our Product Roadmap development.

In this blog post we discuss how Users Groups benefit both our developers and users.

What’s in it for you?

Share best practices

Do you ever wonder if the approach you’ve taken is the best one? Users groups allow you to connect with a group of like-minded peers and discuss benchmarks and best practices to confirm or change the strategy you’ve chosen. This is particularly useful for our users from small-mid size organisations where idea exchange may be limited by a lack of colleagues.

Great networking possibilities

Connecting face-to-face with peers who understand the challenges you face helps build a great professional support network. Meeting people at different stages of their career, and levels of expertise, can be extremely helpful when you need advice or are trouble-shooting an issue.

Get questions answered

Chances are if you have a question, not only do other people have a similar one, but someone in the group very likely has the answer. The power of meeting with people using the same software solution often means you get to tap into a deep knowledge base.

Find out how the technology can do more for you

User groups provide insight into the innovative ways your peers use the software. Collaboration and idea sharing can help you apply technology in ways that hadn’t occurred to you yet. You can build on the innovation of your peers and then share what you’ve discovered.

Influence future development

Customer feedback is extremely important when it comes to a service or product. If you want to influence the direction of a product, a user group is a great way to do that. We love talking to our clients at user groups about their upcoming needs.

What’s in it for us?

You know your problems

Having experienced the problems, users can share their hands-on knowledge which is always more specific and helpful than our internal solutions.

You know your habits

While we consider and plan for real-life scenarios during development. Our aim is to make a solution that is both useful and user-friendly. In order to achieve this, we rely on users to advise us on features they feel will benefit them most.

You know other software solutions

Most users have experience using other software solutions. This enables you to quickly determine what you do and don’t like. Also it allows us to create a unique product that stands out from the crowd.

You’re not afraid to call us out

We can get caught up in our success and while we may not always like it, users tend to focus on the part that does not work for them. This is positive though, as it ensures we focus our development efforts correctly.

Our User Groups are held both in person and virtually, allowing our geographically disperse users to take part. If you’re interested in finding out more or attending an upcoming User Group. Get in touch via info@iconyx.com.au