Connect, Collaborate, Communicate

Community Improvements

Gain valuable open space usage data. Provide real-time information and updates to community members.

Maintain Public Spaces

Manage electricity consumption and safety, Real-time feeds and alerts. Manage maintenance and usage down-times. 

Efficient Service Delivery

Ensure safety through movement detection. Reduce vandalism. Pre-empt issues. Set triggers to schedule tasks. 

Environmental Sustainability

Monitor air quality. Use sensors to detect water quality and usage. Respond to weather changes and issue alerts.

The rapid growth of Cities is putting enormous pressure on city planners to use emerging spatial tools and visualisation platforms with mixed realities and online access to information. All these new mediums representing data in 2d and 3D will be required to help the community to understand the changing shape of their environment and identify the demands on the City services.

Iconyx understands that to truly be a Smart City, data must be freely flowing across corporate systems and people. In order to coordinate, collaboration and inform on current, past and future events in context to location – even in a multi storey environment.

Accurate, current datasets need to be mapped and shared through visualisation portals using map interfaces to communicate inherently complex statistical, or sensor data in easy to interpret snap shots to engage and answer specific questions in a timely manner.

GIS underpins the evolution of massive datasets like Building Information Models (BIM) and Precinct Information Models (PIM) and gives immediate meaning to spatial analysis like line of site calculations.

How we can help:
• Automating data feeds
• Automating data transformation and enrichment routines
• Automating analytic model execution
• Developing API’s to feed analytic results to operational and management systems
• Hardening analytic models to run more efficiently (in-memory, in-database)
• Developing any new supporting apps (web-based, mobile)
• Modifying existing apps to ingest analytic results (dashboards, entry systems)
• Implementing data governance policies and procedures
• Implementing security
• Implementing privacy policies and procedures

Get in touch today and let us help you leverage your data to achieve the benefits of Smart City initiatives.

Swift Suite
  • Do you understand the economic value of your data and how that affects your technology and investments?
  • Do you understand how to create a platform that exploits the real time economic value of your data?
  • How effective is your organisation at leveraging data from different systems and analytics to power your strategic initiatives?
  • Do you understand how your key services can benefit from combining disparate Datasets with location?
  • Do you have active participation (or resistance) in setting your roadmap?