Summit Information Management


Scalable To Your Needs

Summit Mobile allows you to immediately scale up or down, and mobilise teams and contractors as your project requires.

Schedule Your Workflow

Schedule workflows for you and your team. Save time with email notifications and shareable activity data.


Configure Forms and Notices

Configure auto-fill forms to your organisation’s workflow inhouse or via our support team.

Locate Asset Inventory

Track assets from the field. Record location, condition and other attribute details. Gain project visibility in seconds. 

Iconyx has a long history deploying spatial solutions across the energy and utility sectors. Over the years we have partnered with numerous clients to develop and enhance our industry-specific solutions. Working with companies and contractors to implement digital workforce mobility solutions that increase productivity and accuracy. At the same time, reducing risk across projects.

Summit Information Management gives management visibility of a project in seconds. Helping our clients to drive down costs and manage complex projects. An interactive map displays key functional areas in a single view. Providing detailed breakdowns of infrastructure status. Status maps integrated with existing project tracking, commissioning, maintenance and GIS systems.

Likewise, Summit provides significant benefits for all asset owners and maintenance contractors. For example, the ability to quickly configure Summit for stormwater inspections, enables field staff to accurately capture positions, dimensions and condition ratings. Additionally, Summit’s photo capture and management capability is an invaluable addition to quality control processes.

Furthermore, Summit Information Management comes with powerful report generation tools with results available as a web page table or exported in GIS formats. Generated with the touch of the button, creating reports in the field enables staff to send critical data on the spot. Making a dramatic difference to how you coordinate construction, inspections, commissioning, maintenance and incident response.

Get in touch to learn how the innovative use of mobile computers, GPS, and accessing corporate information with spatial location can significantly enhance operational improvement, profitability and global competitiveness for your company.

(Summit) is a system that not only provides an irrigation asset auditing management tool for years to come, but it can be used for the management of a whole host of different asset types, such as sports facilities, turf, footpaths and waterways

Bruce Rome

Parkland Australia



  • Queensland Spatial Excellence Awards – Innovation and Commercialisation Award 
  • Queensland Spatial Excellence Awards – Award for Spatial Enablement
  • Queensland Spatial Excellence Awards – JM Mac Serisier Award for Overall Excellence