Summit Workforce Management System

The Summit Workforce Management System (Summit) is a complete map-centric solution providing powerful data collection, monitoring, reporting, and auditing capabilities, and ensures high quality for your field activities and reporting.

A robust, proven solution that works across numerous industries and has ensured continued success for hundreds of clients, Summit assists organisations in empowering their field teams to easily collect assets in the field and manage their works activities, supporting the continuous update and maintenance of key business intelligence.

Some key highlights of the Summit System:

  • Supports offline and online so your field teams can conduct works in remote, or internet-limited areas.
  • Designed with configurability in mind so you can customise it to suit the evolving needs of your business and teams with a comprehensive GUI; no coding required.
  • Collected data can be exported in various formats, including excel and mapping formats, allowing for easy integration to third party systems.
  • Data is centrally stored in a cloud-based enterprise-grade database, eliminating the need for your business to deal with the costs of maintenance and support for an in-house IT infrastructure.
  • Field teams can rapidly view GIS map layers to collect data, record activities, and update spatial datasets to improve positional accuracy of point, line, or polygon assets.
  • User permissioning can be set up to control access to data and configuration of settings in the system, so you can have different users/teams with a view to only what they need to conduct their works.
  • Photo collection with geotagging ensures high quality auditing, photos can be collected and attached directly to the form. Included are editing tools that enable field teams to mark up the image and identify features of interest, asset dimensions, or other key information.
  • Comprehensive history records are retained to provide a view to previous activities against assets and/or properties. Office and the field teams can access historic data to check previous works conducted, photos, and detailed notes for activities that have taken place over time.
  • Effortlessly manage data, schedule activities, generate reports and serve data though integration platforms, webservices or APIs. Ensuring efficiency though consistent process and data standards, all while collating information to underpin strategic decision making.

With the Summit System you can enable better productivity and reporting for your team, and we would be delighted to assist in mobilising your workforce and improving your field data collection efficiency.

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Report, Configure, Manage

Summit is a fully integrated information management system that can be configured for any type of field survey or data collection. The flexible and user-friendly solution can be configured by clients according to their own unique data and business requirements.

Summit comes with powerful and flexible reporting and searching capability with exports in several formats. This comprehensive portal allows administrators to configure/customise forms, create workflows, manage their users, and view the data about their field assets.

The Summit Suite includes the CrestSE (desktop) and SWIFT (web, mobile, tablet) applications.

Key Features include:

  • Provides a permanent audit trail, with full history of condition assessments and changes
  • Multiple Standardised Libraries providing options for rapid data entry
  • Form configuration portal with a variety of smart field automations including autofill, filtered selections, and conditional display
  • User management and permissioning options
  • Robust search capabilities and report generation for your data
  • Rapid search and visualisation of individual and multiple work locations via map interfaces

Manage your Spatial Assets from one Place

Support your Asset Collection Process


Produce Comprehensive Results


Offline Field Data Collection

CrestSE is an integrated mapping system used to map spatial assets in the field as points, lines and/or polygons, and collect related attribute data in linked forms. CrestSE is capable of ingesting multiple spatial data formats and using a variety of styles for representing assets on the map.

Users can rapidly collect quality assured details in digital forms to record information such as field-based activities with a full history and audit trail.

CrestSE is an offline application that can be used in low signal areas and can be later synchronised to send collected data to the cloud database. With numerous great features including: smart forms, autofill, bulk asset plotting, and geolinking of map layers, CrestSE provides a comprehensive toolkit for your field teams data collection and field activities.

Key Features include:

  • Quality assured data entry to suit project data standards
  • Variety of form configurations to enhance the collection of key spatial asset information (including photos)
  • Create maps showing activity in near real time
  • Schedule and record work
  • Empower field technicians with information at their finger tips
  • Conduct risk assessments
  • Automatically populate property and address information into digital forms using geolinked map layers

Work Offline or Online

Link Images in the Field

Save Time for your Team


Mobile Spatial Data Collection

SWIFT (Spatial Workforce Intelligent Field Tool) is Summit’s any mobile device (BYOD) online mapping, data collection and digital inspection application.

Use SWIFT in the field for interactive, real-time data collection to connect and coordinate with field technicians and office-based specialists to streamline your operations. Scale up for disaster response, spatial data improvement projects for digital twins or as a mobile interface to other public works or corporate systems.

Supervisors can assign works to Contractors with mandatory data field requirements including photos, and with an automatic audit history for confirming date, time and location of works. Managers can then QA works and automatically notify other stakeholders as SWIFT keeps your team fully engaged and up to date with real-time actionable intelligence.

Key Features include:

  • Web based mapping on PC, phones and/or tablets
  • Comprehensive UI
  • Scheduled works interface and works scheduling
  • Manage contractor activities in near real-time
  • Smart form functionalities including autofill, conditional display, and geolinking of map layers

BYOD Any Device

Ideal for Supervisors

Improve Efficiency