Summit Vector Control 


Secure Data

We use enterprise-grade applications and servers. Keeping your data secure and accessible at all time. 


CalSurv and EPA Compliant

Activities have an audit trail for immediate reporting. Have confidence that processes are CalSurv and EPA compliant. 

Schedule Service Requests

Save time by scheduling requests, inspections and treatment activities for your team. Email notifications and shareable activity data.

Track Pesticide Use

Use interactive maps.  Record activities such as control methods, weather conditions and calculate pesticide usage.

Iconyx understands the importance of mosquito and vector control. In fact, we have a long history working with organisations throughout the world. In order to protect communities against both pest and disease vectors.

As a result, we saw the need for a solution that could simplify processes and improve functionality. As such, we developed Summit Vector Control.

An award winning digital platform that delivers and manages spatial workflows. Summit Vector Control standardises data collection, monitoring, evaluation, reporting and record keeping. In order to collate and share quality-assured data.

With digital maps and forms for recording inspections. As well as trapping, treatment and all other public interactions. You can easily track Service Requests and regular site visits with ease.  Furthermore, locate pest distribution and infection zones in seconds. All without having to leave the field.

What’s more, Iconyx’s solution ensures that you achieve effective management of public health risks, by centralising critical data and coordinating field activities in real-time.

The seamless integration of online mapping enables visualisation of your data. This enhances the analysis of information such as sources, herbicide and pesticide use, and inspection records. Undeniably increasing productivity and reducing resource costs. Likewise, reporting is made easier, and accessible at any time via the internet.

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Since the deployment of Iconyx software and the resultant accrued data, we are better able to monitor vector activity and more intelligently deploy resources.

Field technicians are also able to review pesticide treatment efficacy, thus allowing for more judicious pesticide application.

Santa Clara County Vector Control District



  • Victorian Spatial Excellence Awards – Innovation and Commercialisation
  • Victorian Spatial Excellence Awards – Award for Spatial Excellence
  • Victorian Spatial Excellence Awards – Award for Export