The Iconyx Journey

RapidMap software also known as Iconyx is a division of RapidMap who have been successfully partnering with Government and business organisations since 1994. The RapidMap group of companies are widely respected as specialists in all manner of Spatial Technologies across GPS/ GNSS, Laser, Inertial, Subsurface detection, LiDAR, mobile computer, vehicle tracking, IoT sensors, CCTV, GIS and several leading geospatial data applications.

We have a passion for how Spatial Technologies can streamline the process of collecting accurate datasets to deliver Dynamic Geospatial Intelligence.  To us this is where location, time and purpose are key ingredients to provide the business intelligence. Our aim is to provide products and services for the successful digital transformation of all businesses for their success.

Many of our clients have continued to employ our expertise over the decades as a trusted partner and to maintain operational continuity when people, priorities and organisational structures change.

Quality spatial data sets, whether used independently or in combination with other spatial or a-spatial data is essential for Smart Cities initiatives.

Live and interactive data provided in 2D, 3D or 4D formats via web browser or mobile device, at your fingertips enriches the knowledge you have on hand to provide evidence based decision making and stakeholder engagement easy to achieve.

RapidMap has also mastered how to get people to the field to rapidly collect quality assured multi-dimensional data and media like GNSS referenced video.

Our software development division is called Iconyx who specialises in how to empower field users to become a collaborative workforce where efficiencies are achieved by using a range of spatial, mobile and ICT technologies.

We are a multi-award winning family of technicians with a commitment to excellence.

In the 1990s our senior management team worked closely with all emergency services organisations across Australia to revolutionise field and command center engagement with GPS and GIS, and our mapping teams attended to assist with many live bushfires and other natural and manmade disasters.

Emergency response is the best way to establish frameworks to collect and share data between distributed people and organisations. Peoples lives are at risk, so systems need to be robust and reliable.

Founded by Peter (Surveying) and Lynnette Terrett (Science and Electronics), even 25 years ago, we assembled an awesome application development team for field experts to rapidly collect evidence based maps and share spatial data from the air or ground to reduce risk and increase operational efficiencies.

Over the years, even our former employees have engaged us to deliver projects for their organisations. Many of our new clients find us by word of mouth – referrals from colleagues and industry recommendations.

Whatever your profession, Engineering, Telecommunications, NBN, Smart City, Biosecurity, Water, Gas, Power, Pipelines, Vegetation Management, Environmental, Cultural Heritage, Local Government Asset management, Disaster response and many others, we have mastered the use of Spatial mapping technologies, GIS Integrated Platforms, Big Data , Machine Learning, Analytics, GNSS Video collection to create rich data sets for online Maps and Dashboards for our client’s competitive advantage.

At Iconyx we have a culture of integrity, service, quality, innovation and teamwork to bring efficiency, collaboration and productivity to solve real world problems for our clients and partners.

Call us anytime to help you to discover Industry 4.0 enterprise mobility and spatial technologies to transform your organisation into a collaborative informed workforce and ensure your future success.

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