Iconyx partners with a number of industry leaders to deliver advanced outcomes for clients.

4D Global logo

4D Global offers end-to-end spatial technology solutions. As well as field mobility options. Specifically catering to mapping and data management professionals. 4D Global specialises in GNSS, inertial, laser scanning and mobile devices for all field-based survey and data capture activities.

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Rapid Map Services (Rapid Map) has extensive spatial experience. As such they have  provided asset data capture, condition and defect assessments, GIS desktop mapping and asset management services to government departments, utilities and private industry for over 25 years.

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Cohga provides tailored integration solutions. Committed to innovation and research, Cohga Weave allows corporate information to be easily shared and disseminated across the web. Weave’s strong web mapping capabilities allows information to be viewed and analysed in a spatial context.

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Blue IoT is a leading-edge smart cities integrator. Leveraging a range of technologies, such as Virtual Intelligent BMS/BAS, cyber security, IoT, cloud, data analytics, machine learning and AI, secure and resilient IoT protocols. Blue IoT delivers smart and intelligent facilities, infrastructure and spaces.

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MapInfo by Pitney Bowes is a desktop mapping application that helps business analysts and GIS professionals gain new insights into their markets. Integrating geospatial data in order to share information-rich maps and graphs to improve strategic decision-making.

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Yotta is a connected asset management software and services provider. Helping organisations to make better, more informed decisions. Ensuring systems, assets and people are connected. In order to provide operational insights. Through captured structured data.