Summit Smart Healthcare

Smart Healthcare

Real-Time Tracking

Monitor movement of staff, patients, and assets.

Contact Tracing

Manage real-time feeds and alerts.

Salesforce Integration

Effectively assign tags to groups and quickly track patient records.

Custom Reporting

Use customised dashboards for real-time monitoring.

Smart Healthcare is an information management system that maps and monitors the movement of people and healthcare equipment in real-time.

How we can help:
• Automating user journeys
• Automating deployment process
• Automating contact tracing
• Developing any new supporting apps (web-based, mobile)
• Modifying existing apps to ingest analytic results (dashboards, entry systems)
• Implementing data governance policies and procedures
• Implementing security
• Implementing privacy policies and procedures

Get in touch today and let us help you leverage your data to achieve the benefits of Smart Healthcare initiatives.

Summit Smart Healthcare
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