Engaging Local Communities to Help Control Biosecurity Threats in Australia

Position Magazine no.120 Summit Biosecurity

Biosecurity management plays a significant role in reducing the risk of destroying Australia’s rich agricultural regions, natural ecosystems, and native flora and fauna, by preventing the incursion of infectious diseases originating from invasive weeds and feral animals as pests.

Managing large remote areas is impossible without the help of landowners, farmers, and the community to participate in collaborative weed control activities.

The government and industry are investing in Research and Development on safer herbicides and targeted biological control to help to Win the War on Weeds. The success of these methods comes directly from releasing, treating, and monitoring infestation control agents on infestations during different weather conditions. Iconyx Summit Biosecurity provides an important tool for field users to collect the evidence-as location data to aid this research into treatment, and control to save time and money.

Learn how Mobile Mapping is revolutionising biosecurity management in remote regions across Australia Roads and Rail. Discover how Iconyx Summit Biosecurity empowers the local communities to join forces with Biosecurity Officer against the insidious Hudson Pear cactus. Read the latest article from Spatial Source by Lyn Terrett Better biosecurity through mapping collaboration – Spatial Source

Lyn Terrett is a Spatial Technologies Expert at RapidMap and Iconyx, and highly respected in the Spatial industry for innovation and technical excellence.