Empowering Biosecurity: Revolutionising the Future of Australia

Iconyx Biosecurity image

The need for efficient weed management and pest animal control is more crucial than ever in preserving our natural resources and protecting the environment.

Iconyx’s Summit Biosecurity offers a transformative solution, empowering biosecurity organisations to overcome limitations and streamline their field activities. By leveraging the latest GIS data, Ai and Earth observation technologies, Summit Biosecurity revolutionises the way we approach biosecurity operations and land management. With its comprehensive capabilities and collaborative approach, Summit Biosecurity paves the way for a more effective, efficient, and sustainable biosecurity future.

Summit Biosecurity offers advanced detection, mapping, streamlined operations, accurate analysis, comprehensive monitoring, precision treatments, and collaborative efforts – empowering the future of biosecurity in Australia.

RapidMap Software also known as Iconyx is a division of RapidMap who have been successfully partnering with Government and business organisations since 1994 and has garnered widespread recognition and endorsement from numerous biosecurity organisations. Our dedication to excellence was recently acknowledged when we proudly received the Environmental Award at the 2023 IPWEA Engineering Excellence Awards. This prestigious accolade serves as a testament to the transformative impact and innovative approach that Summit Biosecurity brings to the field of biosecurity in Australia.

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