Preventing Disease in the USA

Following September 11 (Terrorist Attack), RapidMap Global was approached by National Geographic to help create a mobile mapping solution for the emergency services in the USA. Emergency response software, TOPO! Pro was developed and used at Hurricane Katrina and other disasters in the USA.

Having worked in close collaboration with the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Our past experience in dealing with vector control and disease management was noted.

Thereafter, the CDC brought our attention to the complex challenges they experience when managing mosquito and vector transmitted diseases. In particular, the West Nile Virus (WNV) in the United States. Through a consultative approach, Iconyx researched to understand the criticality of effective vector disease management and issues surrounding the practice at local county levels.

Orange County was the first location to suffer a death from the West Nile Virus in California. Being a popular tourist destination with Disneyland, Universal Studios and other attractions at a close range, West Nile Virus and mosquito activities are under constant scrutiny by local and national media.

A project was thus launched at the Orange County Vector Control District (OCVCD). Iconyx’s mission was to provide an efficient and easy to use Vector Control Management System to help OCVCD mitigating the risk in disease spread by vectors and thereby preventing the region and their team from potentially becoming the subject of public criticism and legal action.



  • Victorian Spatial Excellence Awards – Innovation and Commercialisation (2008)