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Should you ever need to call 000 to get urgent assistance, you will be asked which service you require: Police, Fire or Ambulance.

Determining the caller location is the most critical piece of information used by emergency call takers to dispatch emergency personnel and resources, and you can help.

When a 000 call is made from a mobile phone Triple Zero Victoria (000VIC) receives the mobile billing address. In most cases this is not the actual location of the caller, or the location of the emergency event.

If your emergency is in Victoria, your call will be connected to a 000VIC communications centre.

The emergency call taker will ask:

  1. Where is your emergency?
  2. What is your emergency?

These two pieces of information are vital in getting the emergency service(s) you need to the right location.

The call takers first goal is to get the address or location verified as soon as possible so the emergency services can be dispatched quickly. To confirm the location, the call taker will always ask where the nearest cross-street or intersection is.

But you can Save Time and Save Lives in recreational areas like Parks, Trails, Tracks, Beaches, Waterways, Shopping Centres and remote public open spaces by remembering the nearest 000VIC Emergency Marker sign identifier.

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