Mobilising Big Data for the NBN

The National Broadband Network project represents a significant opportunity for the spatial industry.

This Field survey project solution demonstrates the huge efficiency gains that can be achieved when contractors migrate from paper based field walkouts, to mobile, location based, digital forms linked to infrastructure objects.

Iconyx is immersed in the highly complex project requirements of the NBN contractor since commencement and has solved the problems that traditional paper-based telecommunications and construction organisations face in this space.

The Iconyx approach has transformed their client’s survey workforce and streamlined optic fibre design processes to reduce head count and increase productivity 75%.

Spatial data and innovative mobile / hosted collaborative technologies now ensure accuracy from the field, eliminates human error, prevents design delays and generates reports to NBN’s specification rapidly.

Clients are now better informed of the real cost to roll out the NBN. At the same time improving contract negotiations and reducing costs.

  • Western Australian Spatial Excellence Awards – Spatial Enablement Award (2014)