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What are 000VIC Emergency Markers?

The 000VIC Emergency Markers program aims to improve response times in the event of an emergency.

Emergency markers are located all around recreational and open spaces including: beaches, large industrial sites, shopping facilities, rail trails, walking tracks, sports grounds, parks, and many other public areas.
When an emergency call is made to 000 for fire services, police, and ambulance, the emergency markers assist in providing improved location communication to speed up response and dispatch of emergency services to a site.

Meet Me at the Marker

Invite your friends and family to Meet you at the Marker selected!

We all have a role to play in community safety, so please educate others and use the Meet Me At the Marker button to share an Emergency Marker location in recreational areas, where you can gather with your friends and family.
Just click on Meet Me At the Marker to send this Emergency Marker Code, coordinates and directional instructions in an email to yourself and others. Enjoy the thrill of exploring Victoria’s open spaces and meet up somewhere new.

The Emergency Marker location data on this site is provided by RapidMap as a community service to assist in educating everyone about how emergency markers save time and save lives. We value your feedback, so please feel free to share it with us here.

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In the event of an Emergency:

Call 000 and provide the Emergency Marker location identifier (e.g. GNP001)

Emergency Markers enable Triple Zero Victoria’s 000 call taker to quickly and accurately verify the location of an emergency 000 call in public open spaces.

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The data provided is as current as available and published. The provision of this is in the spirit of public service and community education.  We do not take responsibility for errors or inconsistencies in the data.


Emergency Marker data is provided by Triple Zero Victoria (000VIC) more information can be found at:

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